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Peabody on 510families

This picture of Peabody is being used on 510families to illustrate this week’s calendar of events for East Bay families. And a great week it is including our favorite, Cal Day. Hopefully we’ll get to do some more crawfish hunting in Strawberry Creek! Nettie’s story of last year’s visit is here.

Largest Crayfish of the Year Award!

On Saturday, our family went to Cal Day, when the University of California at Berkeley has its open house. Most of the campus buildings are open for people to look inside and see special displays and do activities. You can also go to the Phoebe Hearst museum for free, as we did, but unfortunately it was a little messy, since they were getting ready for a new Egypt exhibit. We also took our annual trip to the Life Sciences building, where we visited the live kelp forest and the floor of stuffed animals. Cal also has several music concerts, and Mother decided that we should go to the one where they play Baroque(n) instruments, which was quite, um, Baroque(n). Finally, we ended the day with a Strawberry Creek bug hunt. Peabody and I caught many water striders, and Father caught the “largest crayfish found this year!” according to the student who led the expedition.