Taller Uno: Cuidado de Animales

While at El Molino, we got to choose a morning and afternoon workshop. For the mornings, I chose Animal Care, taught by Eloy. Every day we would go to a pet store to buy medicine and vaccinate animals at different farms. The first day we went to a chicken farm, and gave eyedrops to chicks to, as far as I could understand in my espaƱol no muy bueno, stopped them from getting a disease that turned them loco. The next day was my favorite. This time we dusted albino rabbits’ ears with blue powder that killed ear parasites. I think that the blue in the powder was supposed to help the farmer know which bunnies had been vaccinated, but it still looked pretty funny. At the end, we got to hold newborn baby bunnies. They were so small they could fit in your hand, and their eyes hadn’t even opened yet! On the last day, we walked to a large mansion that kept five horses. We gave a pregnant horse a shot to make its appetite stronger, and fed alfalfa to the rest.

This was one of my favorite parts of my Mexico trip, and definitely the best workshop. I LOVE animals, and I want to be a veterinarian, so this was the perfect class. You can see more pictures of the workshops here.

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