Traveling to Erongaricuaro

Last Saturday, my eighth grade class took a midnight flight to Guadalajara, Mexico. After an hour in customs, we boarded a tour bus to take us on a four-hour trip to Erongaricuaro. This small Mexican pueblo is the home of El Molino, a camp for American and Mexican kids. Every year the eighth graders from my school stay here for a week, improving their Spanish, going on field trips, and attending workshops.

We stayed in a colorful building surrounded by trees, cacti, flowers, and places to play four square, volleyball, and soccer. We ate outside. Our largest and tastiest meal was lunch, served at 3 o’ clock. We ate tamales, rice, spaghetti, enchiladas, and these small tortillas with refried beans served with the cheese and meat made by the Quesos y Embutidos group.

Sadly, the class of kids from Chihuahua did not come. However, we did have fun with the counselors, who we taught to play Egyptian War and TOUNGEs. Later this week, I’ll post more of my adventures in Mexico.

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