20 moments from our family trip to Japan

The day after school shut for the summer, we headed to Tokyo to visit my brother and his family. We had a great experience that blew away our expectations and preconceptions. Here are just a few of the adventures we had in our two weeks in Tokyo, Kanazawa and Kyoto.

  • Cheering the Yakult Swallows in their win over the Lions at Jingu Stadium
  • Taking the monorail to Odaiba to see the giant Gundam
  • Buying crazy socks in Harajuku
  • Stumbling upon the original Nintendo offices in Kyoto
  • Snacking on Crunky Popjoy and sweet potato cakes
  • Hiking the tourist-free trail behind Kiyomizu-dera
  • Discovering a hidden alter to Buddha in a Kyoto alley
  • Feeling a hawk swoop between us to snatch Nettie’s SoyJoy bar
  • Grilling our own food at a Korean BBQ in Ebisu
  • Sketching temples and gardens
  • Watching the country fly by from the window of our bullet train
  • Shopping at the Tenjin market at Kitano Tenmangu
  • Getting iced coffee, green tea and jelly drinks from the ubiquitous beverage machines
  • Playing in the mist and picnicking at Showa Kinen Park
  • Feeding the Carp and the Gashapon
  • Reading Doraemon and Pok√©mon
  • Eating at Kaikaya by the Sea
  • Visiting Totoro at the Ghibli Museum
  • Being greeted like royalty at the Tokyu Food Show’s morning opening
  • Hanging out with our expatriate family/tour guides for a great couple weeks

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  1. 1 Matt in charlotte

    That looks great. My family is moving to S Korea this month and I can’t wait to make Japan one of our first trips! Definitely want to check out that Gundam!

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