Little Yellow Postauto on the Road Again

Postauto in Berkeley

Taking our own advice from Dare 1, we headed off on a geocaching excursion today with the Little Yellow Postauto, a Travel Bug we picked up in Vienna. Travel Bugs are small trinkets with coded tags that are moved from cache to cache by geocachers and tracked on They come in all shapes and sizes; many have missions. Postauto hopes geocachers will send his German family a postcard.

In Vienna, we put our first Travel Bugs into the field. Annabel made miniature eye portraits and wrote a mission on the back: to return to Berkeley. After three weeks, our eyes have begun the journey:

  • Merriweather’s eye is hidden in a cache in Oresin, Czech Republic
  • Annabel’s eye is at the University of Iceland
  • Nettie’s eye is with the Brown family in Raymore, MO
  • Peabody’s eye is at a park outside of Tulsa, OK

2 Responses to “Little Yellow Postauto on the Road Again”

  1. 1 Moritz

    Dear Merriweather!
    Thank You so much for the postcard!I´ve found it in the letterbox today.This “Little Yellow Postauto -travelbug” has made some awesome trips around the States and Europe since I started it in 2004. It´s an original old toy from my parents ,it was made about 40 years ago….somehow in the 60´s .I´ve got some nice postcards from USA and I´ve always answered them . If you want to get anpostcard from my hometwown please send your me your mail adress.
    I´m 11 years and I´m living quite in the middle of Germany( only 120 miles west from Leipzig… ),so if you are still on your Germany trip and want to see some more things here just contact me and my family.Yours Moritz and family

  1. 1 Postcards from Bad Hersfeld at The Derringdos

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