Uncovering Old Games

On a visit to my mom’s over Christmas, I found some of my old games hidden under a blanket in the basement. I thought she had thrown out these books for the classic version of Traveller, a sci-fi RPG. We also found a copy of The Farming Game, an agricultural hybrid of Life and Monopoly, and played a round. Its a┬álot of fun and is still in print. Read about it here.

5 Responses to “Uncovering Old Games”

  1. 1 Stryker Capella

    Where did you find them?! I’ve looked for them every time I was home. And the farming game! Good times.

  2. 2 Merriweather

    Under an old sheet along with a Kenner X-Wing with it’s four laser cannons missing, a couple Corgi tanks and some love letters from Annabel.

  3. 3 Stryker Capella

    Corgi tanks! No way! you kept them, I hope!

    To whom were the letters addressed?

  4. 4 Merriweather

    The tanks aren’t in great shape. The German Stuka zu Fuss has lost its treads.

  5. 5 Stryker Capella

    Does it still have the missiles?

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