Nettie on the Lady Washington

On Friday my class went to the tall ships in Sausalito. The Lady Washington is a trading ship from the mid-1700s, and the Hawaiian Chieftain is another trading ship from the mid-1800s. We sailed around the Bay on the Lady Washington, and it was really cool! While we were on the boat, the sailors taught us different sea words. Avast means to stop, hold, and listen. If you are pulling on a rope when someone says “Avast!” you don’t want to let go of the rope, or it will go shooting back up. We also learned how to hoist the sails! Pulling on ropes makes you a bit hot and sweaty after a while. All the sailors who work on the boat dress as sailors from the mid-1700s. At the end I took this picture of “Martha”, who’s named after the boat, or the boat is named after her, whichever.

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