Math Night

Powers of Three Cube

Every year, on the 100th day of school, is Math Night. Math Night is when you go to your classroom, and give a math or geometry mini presentation to parents that come to visit. Some examples are Test Tube Division, How to Make a Polynomial of Your Name, and Make a Nautilus. The work that I did was The Powers of Three and How to Make it Into a Chart. If you want to see more pictures and an explanation about this, go here. In the Lower Elementary classrooms, you make a 100 project, by collecting 100 things – anything – and then writing a piece on why you chose it, how you made it, etc… Usually the 3rd graders do 1000 projects. When I was in 1st Grade, I took 100 goldfish and put them into 10 lunchbaggys. In 3rd Grade, I took 1000 used stamps from all over the world and pasted them onto a board. We still have it!

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  1. 1 Nona

    What I remember about learning math was endless memorizing – this seems to be a lot more fun

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