How to Make a Cell

My gelatin cell.

For a biology project at school, we were supposed to make a model of a cell. I used gelatin as the cytoplasm which worked pretty well to hold the other cell parts (organelles). I used jelly beans beans as mitochondria; pepper corns as ribosomes; lasagna noodles as endoplasmic reticulum; Altoids as lysosomes; and a knot of rubber bands as the golgi apparatus. A gallon freezer bag was the plasma membrane. For the nuclear membrane I used a snack-sized plastic baggy with a piece of clay as the nucleolus. And lastly, I wrapped another plastic baggy around some crocheted string and taped it onto the cell as the flagellum. The only problem was that the gelatin absorbed a couple of the peroxisomes. An annotated picture is on Flickr here.

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  1. 1 Katie

    Love your choice of gelatin for the cytoplasm! I actually work in a biophysics lab, and we’ve been known to use gelatin to model the cytoplasm in experiments.

  2. 2 sarabjit

    i love the idea to make a cell

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