In the Isolation Booth

Isolation booth cards’ secrets are hidden.

This morning we headed over to a nearby estate sale with Annabel’s parents. As we appproached, Peabody had second thoughts, so he and I took my father-in-law for a tour of the neighborhood. We regrouped at home. Annabel brought back a great chair. Nettie had found a green Pith Helmet…a perfect addition to her Victorian explorer Halloween costume. Since I didn’t have a chance to go to the sale, Nettie took me back. We picked up a blue scarab bead and a dozen Topps Isolation Booth cards for $1. The cards were printed by Topps in the late 1950’s. The booth shown on the card is similar to the one used in The $64,000 Question. Each card has a trivia question whose answer is revealed by placing red cellophane over the back. In the future, Nettie and I will post some of them here and see if the answers have changed in 50 years.

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