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What we are reading

We love the cover of Tom Swift and his Repelatron Skyway. The book, which we found at Pegasus, is one in a series of 1960’s sci-fi stories staring the son of the original Tom Swift. Like his father, Tom Jr. is a young inventor with a spirit of adventure. This one took him to Africa where he and his friend Bud confront a reclusive scientist, an evil mining company executive and dinosaurs! We’ll be looking for more of Tom’s Atomic Age adventures. Nettie has just finished Theodosia and the Last Pharaoh, the fourth book in the Theodosia Thockmorten series by R.L. LaFevers. And we’ve just started reading the fourth book in her Beastology series, The Unicorn’s Tale. All highly recommended.

Mrs. Peel, we’re needed

If there wasn’t an Avenger’s scene set in the storage warehouse of an old theatre, there should have been. We spent a recent Saturday morning going through the remains of the Berkeley Rep’s garage sale. Not much was left when we arrived, but Nettie did find a pair of fancy blue shoes for a dollar. Nearby, we ate outside at Farley’s Emeryville cafe. They’ve got great sandwiches and soup, nice staff, and a cool magazine selection. Their web site says the sillouette on the logo is Jack Farley, the owner’s grandfather “who disappeared without a trace in 1921.” We think he looks like John Steed!

Latin Convention

On April 8th, my school’s Latin Club and I went to Miramonte High School in Orinda for the 56th annual CJCL (California Junior Classical League) convention. After dinner, we met for an assembly and then set off to take tests in various categories of Latin (daily life, grammar, etc). The next day we arrived at school early, and, dressed in our mandatory bed-sheet-and-safety-pin togas, began to set up our chariot for the race against the other high schools’ teams. There was some tough competition, but the fantastic College Prep charioteer Nettie saved the day by coming in first place. At first it appeared that Miramonte’s team had won, but alas, unbeknownst to the “horses” pulling the chariot, their charioteer fell off seconds before they crossed the finish line. Unfortunately, the man running the races didn’t believe us and would not mark us down for first place.  After we folded up our chariot, the Latin level I, II, and III teams went to their assigned classrooms to play Certamen, a Jeopardy-like Latin trivia game in which the contestants use buzzers to answer questions to earn points for their teams. My Latin I team lost in the semi-finals, but we still had lots of fun! After a final assembly, we changed into our “snappy casual” clothes for the banquet and dance at the Scottish Rite Center in Oakland, where, during the award ceremony, we learned that we had won first place overall in the small school category! I also won a ribbon for placing 2nd in my level on the daily life test! I had tons of fun, and can’t wait for next year!

Peabody on 510families

This picture of Peabody is being used on 510families to illustrate this week’s calendar of events for East Bay families. And a great week it is including our favorite, Cal Day. Hopefully we’ll get to do some more crawfish hunting in Strawberry Creek! Nettie’s story of last year’s visit is here.

Wagon restoration

Peabody decided it was time for us to fix up the old Radio Flyer that has been parked under the deck. For a 10 year old wagon, she was in pretty good shape. After scrubbing the tarnished areas with steel wool and applying a fresh coat of Rustoleum to the inside, wheels and handle, the Trav-ler Wagon looked great. We’ll be taking it to the Thursday and Saturday famers’ markets. Peabody says he has no interest in being pulled around in it, but I know he secretly wants to find a hill and ride it like Calvin & Hobbes into space.