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Happy Lunar New Year

There was a giant full moon over the Berkeley hills last night. We set off a sparkler in front of the house to ward off bad luck in the New Year. Peabody didn’t set Nettie on fire, so it looks like it’s working!

Emergency water

This week a pipe broke down the street and we were without water for most of the day. Annabel and the kids survived on bottles of Calistoga. But we’re prepared for something bigger. We have 80 gallons of water stored in case of emergency. According to FEMA, that’s enough for about 10 days for a family of four.

How Friends Saved Love the Mermaid

Peabody’s first grade class visited the Zeum in San Francisco to create claymation movies. Stories and characters were put together last week in class and animated at the museum. Peabody’s group came up with a story about friends rescuing a mermaid. It is a silent movie.