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Chocolate Guinness Castle Cake

Inspired by the 250th anniversary¬†of Guinness and watching Timeline the night before, Annabel baked Nigella Lawson’s Chocolate Guinness Cake in our Nordic Ware castle pan. Much tastier than a Three King’s Cake. Trebuchet!

Feast of the Three Kings

We don’t celebrate Epiphany in a major way. With both St. Nicholas and Santa Claus visiting us, it would be too much to expect Balthazar, Melchior, and Gaspar to stop by. But we’re always ready to try a new dessert and I’m hoping Annabel might make Three Kings Cake tonight!

Finishing up the bird feeder

Peabody’s after-school carpentry class has been working on bird feeders. The students do all of the work themselves with real tools. Peabody enjoyed hammering, sawing and measuring. He even broke his first drill bit which has become part of the structure. After applying a final coat of varnish at home, we’re ready to start feeding our Towhees, Robins and Scrub Jays.


We brought in the New Year by breaking open Battlelore, a two-player fantasy wargame. The basic game mechanics were easy enough for 7 year old Peabody to handle. He mastered them well enough to repeat Henry V’s victory at Agincourt in the game’s introductory scenario. Set up took about 15 minutes. The actual battle lasted about 45. The action is very fast paced, keeping us both in the game the whole time. Battlelore includes more elaborate rules for fantasy battles. There are several expansions also available. For now Peabody and I will stick with the basic rules, but we’ll be coming back to Battlelore soon.