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Cherry Ames, Department Store Nurse

Recently I have been reading the Cherry Ames mystery series, about a young nurse in the 1940s. The pink hardcover on the far left of the photo is “Cherry Ames, Department Store Nurse”, the last in the series, the first one I read, and the funniest so far (the department store Santa frequently visits her for aspirin). In the book I just finished, “Cherry Ames, Army Nurse”, Cherry is in the army, making new friends (and enemies) and saving lives. “Cherry did not know what new life she would find [in the Pacific], what new challenges she would face. But whatever it was, she was ready for it!”

Risk by Mail

For the ilpast couple years, I’ve been playing a Risk clone with friends through It’s isn’t played in real-time, so you can enter moves whenever you have a moment and your friends don’t need to be online at the same time. It makes it easy to play with people in different time zone. I introduced Nettie and Peabody to the Risk this weekend, It was a short and frustrating game for Peabody as the yellow army quickly overran the blues and reds.

Mini Pretzel Charm

This mini pretzel is the newest addition to my charm bracelet. Father likes Snyder’s Sourdough Pretzels, and on a recent box I saw an ad for a “FREE Pretzel Charm!”. One more box of pretzels and three dollars later the envelope went in the mail and was forgotten. The day of our school Halloween parade I came home and found an envelope waiting for me. (Poughkeepsie? Who do I know who lives in Poughkeepsie?) My pretzel charm had arrived! It now hangs between a passport and the St. Louis World’s Fair ferris wheel.

Totoro and Earth Jack-o’-Lanterns

I was happy to see Nettie employing some sophisticated carving techniques with her Totoro pumpkin. With the same gouge I used on R2-D2 and Daruma-San, Nettie shaved Totoro’s belly, eyes and body. The mouth and nose were cut out to make his smile prominent. My globe pumpkin was carved without a template. To create a solid background for the rear of the pumpkin, I didn’t carve most of Asia and Australia. Peabody’s Jack-o’-lantern was original too, a geometric pattern of lines and large dots.

Mildred Hubble and The Robot

Nettie and Peabody constructed their own costumes for Halloween. Nettie was Mildred Hubble from the Worst Witch series. She sewed a jumper and tie. Peabody built most of his robot from old boxes painted chrome aluminum. He used straws for antennas and flexible dryer vent pipes for the arms. On his back was a battery pack made from a cup holder with little radioactive symbols drawn on. I attached everything with duct tape. Navigating with the shoebox head was difficult, so Peabody used it as his candy collector for most of his Trick or Treating.