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Birthday on the Moon

Peabody celebrated his 7th birthday this weekend with a hike, games and a Tintin birthday cake. Annabel baked a pound cake in a Pyrex bowl to give it a moon shape. Nettie covered it in yellow frosting and Peabody added craters and paper cut outs of Tintin and Snowy. We’re stuffed with moon cake and Peabody is working on his new Lego Midnight Express train.

Sumi and Quatchi

The lighting of the Olympic torch in Greece today signaled that the 2010 Winter Games are just a few months away. The torch will arrive in Canada at the end of the month for the relay ending in Vancouver on February 12. We love watching the Olympics and are always on the look out for the official mascots during competitions and events. Representing the Vancouver games are a group of cute Canadian creatures. Today in Edmonton, I picked up Sumi, an animal spirit who likes hot cocoa and Quatchi, a young sasquatch who dreams of being a famous hockey goalie. They are now at home with Nettie and Peabody, where we’re all waiting for the Games to begin!

Winston Derringdo

On October first the Derringdos found a pet budgie at Your Basic Bird, our neighborhood pet shop. A budgie (or budgerigar, as it is formally called) is a type of parakeet originally from Australia. They can be taught to talk and sing, but Winston has yet to learn, though he does chirp along with some songs by Great Big Sea and The Who. When we first brought him home he stayed in the corner of the cage shivering, but now he seems to be a little more comfortabe with us. We hope that soon he will think of us as his family.