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Worst Witch is the Best!

I have just finished rereading “The Worst Witch in Trouble” which is one of the books in a series about a witch named Mildred Hubble who goes to Miss Cackle’s Academy for Witches. This may sound like Harry Potter, but was published before Harry, and is much much better. One confusion, though, was about the latest publishing putting two books in one. For anyone who is insanely confused (as I was) here is the book order: The first book is “The Worst Witch at School” which has “The Worst Witch” and “The Worst Witch Strikes Again”. The second book is “The Worst Witch in Trouble” which has “A Bad Spell for the Worst Witch” and “The Worst Witch at Sea”. The third book is called “The Worst Witch Saves the Day” and the fourth book is “The Worst Witch to the Rescue. Hope this helps!

Christmas Monkey

This Christmas I made this blue crotched monkey for my baby cousin. I started out by using the bear pattern from “Kids Crochet” but I left the book at home when we went to St. Louis (Yes, it ended up being finished on Christmas Day) and besides I didn’t have enough yarn to do it their way. I finished the body and sewed on the ears and decided that it looked much more monkeyish than bearish. So I added on a braided tail and embroidered the snout monkey-like. My cousin loved it, making the sign for monkey, slamming it on the table, hugging it, and giving it drinks from his sippy. Happy Holidays!