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Evolution of Island Animals

Every year at our school, the 6th graders do a report, a year long project, (Otherwise know as YLP.) that we work on for most of the year. I chose The Evolution of Island Animals. It was really fun, and we did our presentations to the parents in April. For the first part, when I was talking about Darwin, I held up a little Darwin puppet and made him talk about himself. In this picture he is talking about the finches on the Galapagos Islands. You can see another picture of my posterboard version of Gondwanaland, (a supercontinent made up of Australia, North America, Antarctica, Africa, South America, and India.) and how I made Australia break off from it here.

The Ladies of Laumeier

One of St. Louis’ hidden gems is the Laumeier Sculpture Park. The open-air museum has dozens of sculptures, from a five story of jumble of giant red tubes to a reversed face that you can climb down into. The park also has hiking trails where curious explores can encounter sculptures hidden among the trees.

Back from St. Louis

We were in St. Louis earlier this week for a brief visit with family. The weather was mild, much nicer than the heat and humidity during our Summer visits. We found time for a trip to the Zoo. St. Louis’ is one of the world’s best. Peabody enjoyed the trip around the park on the Zooline Railroad, which has been there since I was a kid. Nettie was happy to find echidnas and a sand cat at the children’s zoo. And we took a walk through the large walk-through birdcage erected by The Smithsonian Institute for the 1904 World’s Fair.