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The Only Girl

Nettie on defense.

I couldn’t have been more proud watching Nettie and her school JV basketball team take the court today. Supposedly the teams are co-ed, but Nettie was the only girl playing on either side. She held her own and contributed to her team’s victory. That’s a derring-do! I was most impressed with the positive attitude of the coaches who made sure everyone had fun and got to play. More pictures on Flickr.

Math Night

Powers of Three Cube

Every year, on the 100th day of school, is Math Night. Math Night is when you go to your classroom, and give a math or geometry mini presentation to parents that come to visit. Some examples are Test Tube Division, How to Make a Polynomial of Your Name, and Make a Nautilus. The work that I did was The Powers of Three and How to Make it Into a Chart. If you want to see more pictures and an explanation about this, go here. In the Lower Elementary classrooms, you make a 100 project, by collecting 100 things – anything – and then writing a piece on why you chose it, how you made it, etc… Usually the 3rd graders do 1000 projects. When I was in 1st Grade, I took 100 goldfish and put them into 10 lunchbaggys. In 3rd Grade, I took 1000 used stamps from all over the world and pasted them onto a board. We still have it!

Catching the Eclipse


We finally caught a glimpse of the eclipse after the moon broke through the clouds. I was able to take a few pictures, but clearly I have work to do master astronomical photography.

Reminder: Total Eclipse

Total Eclipse

Residents of North and South America will get to see Earth’s shadow fall across the moon tomorrow night. Check out NASA’s eclipse home page for local show times. (Image courtesy F. Espenak of NASA’s GSFC)

Charting Baby Teeth

 Nettie counting teeth

In the same week that Peabody got his first loose tooth, Nettie lost two of her few remaining baby teeth. Wondering how many more she had left, Nettie copied the page on teeth out of one of her human biology books and tried to make an assessment. Even with the guide, it was difficult to know how many more visits the tooth fairy would be making. Nettie made an extra copy of the chart for Peabody so that he could start tracking his teeth from the moment he loses his first.

Bikes and Bulldozers

Bikes in London

I don’t remember seeing so many bicyclists on London’s streets. With no noticeable bike lanes to guide them, they are brave souls. My driver mentioned that the mayor, who he referred to as “Red Ken”, was planning on offering thousands of bikes for rent for short trips around London. Another noticeable difference since my last visit about a year ago is the amount of construction. Streets are being excavated, sidewalks replaced and buildings erected all over London.

London Valentine’s Day


It was a busy day at Prestat, a small chocolate shop tucked away in the Princess Arcade near Piccadilly Circus. Although I had done my chocolate shopping the day before, I couldn’t help picking up a small something for Annabel.

Gifts from Munich

Gifts from Munich.

I like to bring back little presents for the family when I’m traveling without them. Like a puzzle of a German police station, Playmobil postal workers or Ravensburger Mini’s, small boxes with surprise a toy, game or charm inside. For Annabel, I look for local magazines like LandLust, a German country living magazine. And there is always chocolate, though this time I couldn’t find Kinder Surprise Eggs.