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Sumi and Quatchi

The lighting of the Olympic torch in Greece today signaled that the 2010 Winter Games are just a few months away. The torch will arrive in Canada at the end of the month for the relay ending in Vancouver on February 12. We love watching the Olympics and are always on the look out for the official mascots during competitions and events. Representing the Vancouver games are a group of cute Canadian creatures. Today in Edmonton, I picked up Sumi, an animal spirit who likes hot cocoa and Quatchi, a young sasquatch who dreams of being a famous hockey goalie. They are now at home with Nettie and Peabody, where we’re all waiting for the Games to begin!

The Only Girl

Nettie on defense.

I couldn’t have been more proud watching Nettie and her school JV basketball team take the court today. Supposedly the teams are co-ed, but Nettie was the only girl playing on either side. She held her own and contributed to her team’s victory. That’s a derring-do! I was most impressed with the positive attitude of the coaches who made sure everyone had fun and got to play. More pictures on Flickr.