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Cheese Car Cake

Nettie always comes up with crazy ideas for her birthday cakes. This one is based on the Cheese Car from Richard Scarry’s Busy Town books. It’s a double layer chocolate cake shaped into a wedge and covered with yellow frosting. The mice drivers and passengers were made out of marzipan. Oreo cookies were used for the wheels.

Victorian ice cream molds

I’m back at SFO this afternoon, heading off to Barcelona for a bit of work. Right before you head into the security check in the international terminal, there is a Victorian kitchen exhibit. Mostly pots and pans, but I knew Annabel would love the display of ice cream molds. The pickle and nut molds shown here would have been used to assemble a larger cornucopia desert presentation. You can see some great examples at

Katamari Cake

Nettie’s Katamari cake

Today, Wired’s GeekDad blog posted a few pictures from their new Flickr group including the one above. It’s Nettie’s 9th birthday cake based on the ball from Katamri Damacy. In the video game, the Prince rolls a ball around the world and picks up everything in its path. The cake was Nettie’s idea.

Happy Birthday Peabody

Peabody adds more sand to his green turtle cake.

Peabody turned five today. Although he was stuck at home with a sore throat, he still felt well enough to design and decorate his birthday cake. After spreading on green mint frosting he placed sea turtles and graham cracker sand on the top. As Annabel says, we take our cakes seriously.

Peabody’s Turn to Cook

 Peabody check his order.

It was a hot day today, so no one had much interest in thinking about or making dinner. Except for Peabody. He decided to make us sandwiches. While he went around collecting orders (written on an index card in his own code), I set out the turkey, mustard, cheese, pickles and bread. He asked me to leave while he assembled the sandwiches. In just a few minutes, he proudly brought our dinner into the living room. Tomorrow it’s our turn to cook for him.

Apple Festivals

Apples at the Berkeley Farmer’s Market.

This week, both Nettie and Peabody had apple tastings and juice making at school. Peabody’s class voted on their favorites, a tie between Pink Lady and Honey Crisp. Nettie likes the tartness of Granny Smith. Annabel favors Ambrosia. My new favorite is the Crimson. We came across them at the farmers’ market this morning. Crimsons (to the left above) are half the size of an average apple with a very solid texture and an intense sweet-tart flavor.

Friday Night is Musgo Pizza Night

Musgo mushrooms

On Fridays we use the week’s leftover vegetables, deli meats and cheeses to make pizzas. We call them musgos because the ingredients must go. Annabel makes the dough in the afternoon and I assemble and bake the pizza when I get home. Tonight is was a half mushroom, half cheese.

Sputnik 50th Anniversary Cookie Party

Sputnik anniversary cookies.

The Derringdos baked a batch of Cold War cookies to celebrate the 50th Anniversary of Spunik’s trip around Earth. We used a Christmas star cutter to make Soviet hammer and sickle Red Stars. A round cutter with long strips to create the satellite. And I modified a lighthouse cookie cutter into the shape of the R7 launch vehicle. Cookie cutters are cheap (the lighthouse was $1) and can be bent to whatever shape you want with a pair of pliers. While Nettie and I took a realistic approach to our icing, Peabody went with a splatter effect.

Pirate Cake or Pirate Clog?

Cake sets sail on Talk Like a Pirate Day.

Our cake for Talk Like a Pirate Day was a good first effort. Nettie made the sails and Peabody cut out the little pirate captain. It looks a little bare though. Our next pirate cake will be shorter and include edible props: rolled wafer cookie cannons and root beer barrels.