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Incredible Everything

We turned in a box and two grocery bags to the used book store and got enough cash (this one doesn’t take trade) to buy bubble gum tape, water and a couple books. Nettie got “The Official Book of Hanjie.” Hanjie is a logic puzzle where you fill in squares on a grid based on clues. The resulting pattern of filled-in squares creates a picture and solves the puzzle. What makes it “official” isn’t clear.  Peabody picked up “Incredible Everything” by Stephen Biesty who created several cross-section books for DK. While his other books go deep into particular subjects (my personal favorite explodes a British Man-of-War), Incredible Everything has more variety, perfect for an almost six-year-old. It was $9.00 at Half-Price Books, but can be found used on-line for $2.00 plus shipping.

Emil and the Detectives

Nettie read Emil.

Peabody has a bad cough and it’s damp outside so Nettie is reading us Emil and the Detectives as we brunch on carrot cake, coffee and tea. Emil is a classic children’s story written in 1929 by German author and screenwriter Erich Kästner.  In the story, a couple dozen boys try to recover money stolen from Emil on his train ride to Berlin. The book has been made into several movies including a 1931 version filmed during the Wiemar Republic and a Disney TV special released in 1966. I’m heading to Munich soon and will be looking for Emil movies to bring home.

The Daring Book for Girls

The Daring Book for Girls

Nettie has been enjoying The Daring Book for Girls. NPR Weekend Edition had an interview with one of the authors, Andrea Buchanan. You can listen to the interview and read an excerpt from the book here.

Nettie’s Top 5 Daring Kids Magazines

Nettie’s favorite magazines.

I love magazines. Some of my favorites (in order) are:

  1. Ask – An interesting science magazine that always picks good topics.
  2. Spider – Even though it’s for younger kids, I like the stories.
  3. Muse – Really good, but sometimes they pick bad subjects, so I look through it at the book store before I buy it.
  4. National Geographic Kids – Not as great as the others, but the pet issues are really silly.
  5. I Love Cats – We don’t have a cat, but I’m trying to persuade my parents that we need one.

Out of Season Library Swap

Peabody’s read soon box.

We keep our out of season clothes, sleeping bags, my game collection and a few boxes of books in the cubby behind our bedroom armoire. Every few months I take out some of the boxed up kids’ books and swap them with ones we’ve gotten tired of reading. For Peabody, it’s like finding lost treasures. He spent the afternoon putting them in piles of “read soon” and “read later.”

And Now Young Skywalker, You Will Pop-Up

The Cantina from the Star Wars Pop-Up Guide to the Galaxy

At Gadgetoff I got a sneak peek at what is perhaps the coolest Star Wars book ever. Star Wars: A Pop-Up Guide to the Galaxy, is an amazing 3D journey through the original series. Coming out in October, it’s the latest creation from Matthew Reinhart, the paper engineer behind the Encyclopedia Prehistorica series of pop-ups. The Star Wars pop-ups, from a huge AT-AT to the Millenium Falcon are complex and detailed. One of my favorite scenes was the Cantina (pictured above). This will be a great addition to our library.

Aeronautical Origami


There are dozens of paper airplane books but The Great International Paper Airplane Book is the classic. The first half of the book is the story behind Scientific American’s paper airplane contest held in 1967. The contest was created by San Francisco ad-men Howard Gossage and Jerry Mander as a PR stunt for the magazine. The stunt drew almost 12,000 entries from around the world. The second half of the book includes the winning designs reprinted on perforated paper. It’s a mystery how our library’s 40 year old 1st edition has survived in one piece.

Birthday Books

Merriweather’s birthday books.

For my birthday, Annabel gave me some great books, each a perfect addition to the Derringdo library. I’m really looking forward to trying the tours in Historic Walks of San Francisco and some of the projects in the Boy Mechanic series.