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Evolution of Island Animals

Every year at our school, the 6th graders do a report, a year long project, (Otherwise know as YLP.) that we work on for most of the year. I chose The Evolution of Island Animals. It was really fun, and we did our presentations to the parents in April. For the first part, when I was talking about Darwin, I held up a little Darwin puppet and made him talk about himself. In this picture he is talking about the finches on the Galapagos Islands. You can see another picture of my posterboard version of Gondwanaland, (a supercontinent made up of Australia, North America, Antarctica, Africa, South America, and India.) and how I made Australia break off from it here.

Chinese New Year


Last week, Peabody’s preschool put on a colorful Chinese New Year celebration. It started with two kids performing the lion dance in a class-made costume. After the dance, the students, paraded with paper lanterns and percussion instruments. They wrapped up with songs and dances (above). As they headed back to class, the students received hong bao (li see), red packets filled with a couple new pennies and good luck from their teachers.

Math Night

Powers of Three Cube

Every year, on the 100th day of school, is Math Night. Math Night is when you go to your classroom, and give a math or geometry mini presentation to parents that come to visit. Some examples are Test Tube Division, How to Make a Polynomial of Your Name, and Make a Nautilus. The work that I did was The Powers of Three and How to Make it Into a Chart. If you want to see more pictures and an explanation about this, go here. In the Lower Elementary classrooms, you make a 100 project, by collecting 100 things – anything – and then writing a piece on why you chose it, how you made it, etc… Usually the 3rd graders do 1000 projects. When I was in 1st Grade, I took 100 goldfish and put them into 10 lunchbaggys. In 3rd Grade, I took 1000 used stamps from all over the world and pasted them onto a board. We still have it!