This is a list of some of the games we like to play as a family. We add to this list as we post stories on them. Most can be played by kids 5 and older but are also enjoyable for adults.

Pandemic – stop a disease┬áthreatening┬áthe entire planet (cooperative game)
Flash Point – rescue occupants of a burning building (cooperative game)
Forbidden Island – save treasures from a sinking island (cooperative game)
Von 0 auf 100
(Go 0 to 100) – strategy car racing game
Der schwarze Pirat (The Black Pirate) – skill based board game
Pirates – constructible card game
Thebes – a game of competitive archeology
The Game of Life – the classic Milton Bradley game
Star Wars Miniatures – collectible minis game
BattleLore – two player fantasy wargame
Twilight Struggle – a simulation of the Cold War for two adult players
Risk by Mail – Classic world conquest game via e-mail