Exploring Roman Britain in York and St. Albans

Sting sings, “The teachers told us, the Romans built this place. They built a wall and a temple, an edge of the empire.” With every trip to the UK, we look for opportunities to walk along those walls and touch the foundations of those temples. In 2012, we walked through the remains of the Roman baths in Bath, and in 2010, we visited the Museum of London and followed the Roman Wall trail in London. This year we visited two museums which had some great Roman displays. The Yorkshire Museum in York has a very nice collection of artifacts and some surprisingly good exhibits. While there is a gorgeous theater with a nice movie on the history of the town and a high-tech display that lets you meet a number of locals from York’s Roman past, our favorite presentation was a video produced by some local students on the story behind the museum’s interesting bust of Constantine the Great. The Yorkshire Museum is one of York’s best attractions. While in London we took a quick day trip to St. Albans to visit the Verulamium Museum. The museum was built in 2005 and holds a great collection of Roman archaeology pulled from the surrounding area. The current city of St. Albans grew next to, not on top of, the old Roman city of Verulanium, so the collection is remarkably well preserved. We loved the mosaic floors (much better than the British Museum’s collection) and the drawers full of little Roman artifacts. St. Albans also has a gorgeous cathedral and shrine to England’s first martyr. If you visit, have lunch at Baked Nation, about half way on the walk between the train station and the center of town. For explorers of Roman Britain, St. Albans is very much worth a visit!

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