Class Cupcakes

For our last homeroom, I decided to surprise my group with cupcakes that looked like their faces. I was inspired by the book Hello Cupcake, and an article in American Girl Magazine. Both featured cupcakes iced to look like real people. I used jellybeans for boys’ ears and a few of the girls’ eyes. Chocolate sprinkles were helpful in creating eyebrows and thick hair that stood up. I used candied cherries for everybody’s mouth, and little flower sprinkles for earrings and hair clips. I’m the curly-haired cupcake in the middle of the second row. I made myself much too tan by accident, but if you surround me with cupcakes with darker icing, it doesn’t look that much different. Making these for my classmates was really fun, and everybody loved them. I can’t wait to make them again!

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