Twilight Struggle

What do you do when your Tokyo-based brother is in town for just a few precious hours? You take him to your favorite game shop, feed him dinner and then stay up all night playing games. On this visit we played Twilight Struggle. No, it has nothing to do with the relationships of adolescent vampires. Twilight Struggle simulates the Cold-war between the US and USSR. Players vie for influence in different countries and play cards based on historic events. In our conflict, the Bear took an early lead in global influence, with some smart moves in Asia and the Middle East. Using captured German scientists, my brother’s space program was years ahead of my efforts at NASA. But late in the game, the balance of power turned when I was able to add South America and Africa to my sphere of influence through a series of coups and puppet dictatorships. I never landed a man on the moon, and we came close to igniting a nuclear conflagration, but the US successfully won the Cold-war again! I can’t wait for our next match!

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    Good times!

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