I Drink Tea with Cats

One of my favorite parts of Japan was going to JaLaLa, a Neko Cafe, with my aunt. Neko means cat in Japanese. However, a Neko Cafe is not a cafe FOR cats, but rather a place to drink tea while playing with cats. After you take off your shoes, place your bag in a cubby (one not occupied by a snoozing cat), and read the rules (Do not wake a cat that is sleeping, Treat the cats nicely, etc…) you are sent to a little room with a sink to wash your hands with both soap and hand sanitizer. (They were very particular about this part). Then you are given a drinks menu. We chose our tea, picked it up at the little window connected to the kitchen, and drank it at a tiny little table (with a cat sleeping underneath it). The only cat that was awake was Anne, so I played with her a little bit with one of the many cat toys strewn around the place. It was so cozy and nice, and I was sad that we had to leave after a half hour to go to our baseball game. I would LOVE to go back there again.

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    Oh, that looks like fun…

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