A Board Game for Would-Be Archaeologists


I dropped into our favorite game shop this afternoon and ran across a new arrival called Thebes. With an archaeologist and Egyptian ruins on the cover, the box instantly caught my eye. The description promised a game of travel, exploration, excavations and exhibitions. According to the shop owner, Thebes had just come in the day before and had been played that night with much enjoyment. In fact, the box I held was the shop’s last. I bought it, brought it home and quickly had Nettie and Peabody popping out cardboard pieces.

Thebes puts players in the roles of turn-of-the-century archaeologists competing to uncover treasures from around the ancient world. Players travel through

Europe acquiring support and knowledge about five ancient cultures. Once prepared, they head off to the dig. The more knowledge, support and time they bring to their excavation, the more likely they are to uncover valuable treasures. When a player excavates at a site, he or she pulls tiles from a bag, but some may only be worthless trash instead of historic artifacts. Thebes has a number of little details that enhance the fun: a zeppelin can speed you across the Mediterranean, locals can pass on secret legends and exhibitions can be held to showcase what you have uncovered.

Thebes is easy to learn and can be played by two to four players in 60 to 90 minutes. After just one game it has become a Derringdo instant favorite. Nettie simply loved the game. And while Thebes’ strategy is too advanced for Peabody, with some help he managed an archaeologist and had a great deal of fun excavating for treasure.

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