Carrying-on: Holiday Flying

Boeing Dash 80 and an Air France Concorde.

Our flight on “the busiest travel day of the year” was surprisingly stress-free. We booked well ahead to secure a direct flight. After spending a night at the Denver airport last year, flying non-stop has moved up in our priorities. Booking ahead also allowed us our choice of seats. On more than a few occasions, we’ve had to negotiate with other travelers to get a seat next to our kids. And to avoid waiting at the airport, we checked-in online and printed our boarding passes at home. We also packed everything into carry-ons. Annabel and I each had a duffel, while Nettie and Peabody had backpacks. All of our bags fit under our seats. I put mine under Peabody’s as he doesn’t need the leg room. We need to fine-tune our gear and packing list, but we’ve converted to carry-on travel.

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