Mr. Potato Head’s Home

The classroom where I earned a Bachelor of Play.

As part of a business trip this week I visited the home of Mr. Potato Head. He lives in the Pawtucket, RI headquarters of Hasbro. Hasbro’s HQ is a temple to play. When you enter, you notice that the receptionist has a pile of action figures on her desk as well as a nameplate built out of toy blocks. Moving further into the building, you walk through a museum of some of the world’s most famous toys and games: The prototype Monopoly board on yellowed-paper, a set of original Lincoln Logs, an early set of Mr. Potato Head pieces (no potato included), multiple GI Joe action figures and a 60’s era Risk Board. It’s wonderful that these old toys and games continue to be relevant to kids. Which reminds me that we’ll need to break out some of these classic games when Annabel’s parents visit this week.

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