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We call the lumberjacks

Several days of rain sogged our backyard and eventually caused our Italian Stone Pine to fall. They’re usually found sticking out of mountain sides. It was here when we moved in, planted by the previous owner, providing shade to the back. It fell slowly, so there was not much damage. But there is a big hole in the skyline and our hearts.

Pipe-Cleaner Valentines

The night before the last day of school before President’s Day Break I was hunting through the art drawer looking for something to make valentines out of. Of course, no one else in Middle School makes valentines, but I always will. So, in the art drawer I found three bags of pipe-cleaners, (glow in the dark, pastel, and fluffy) some shrinky dink paper, and heart-shaped doilies. I experimented with the doilies and pipe-cleaners, baked the shrinky dinks, and came up with this (See above). The writing on the shrinky dink got blurred, but besides that, everything turned out fine. Happy Valentine’s Day!

12 and a Half Birthday Party

Since my birthday is in the summer and friends are often on trips then, I decided to have a birthday party for my half birthday. The decorations and party boxes had a Chinese New Year theme, because they were the prettiest decorations at the party store (and because it was around the time of Chinese New Year). The goodie bags, or rather, boxes, were made to look like very pretty Chinese take-out boxes. We made commercials for strange objects from around the house, had a wind up horse race (see above) and had a paper bag fashion show. We also learned a game called Chinese Mimes that is like telephone except doing actions instead of speaking. At the end we had Laura Ingalls Wilder’s wedding cake, to also celebrate her birthday! Yum!

Playmobil inventor dies

Hans Beck, the German inventor of Playmobil, died on Friday. According to his obituary in The Guardian, the miniature toy line was created in 1974 in response to high plastic prices due to oil shortages. Until then, his company had been making big plastic toys like hula hoops. We’re happy that the economic crisis inspired him to create one of our favorite toys.