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“Play-with” Lego sets

Lego sets fall into three categories: 1) those that are fun to play with; 2) those that are for display and 3) those that should be played with, put don’t hold up to the stress. For his birthday, Peabody received the Port of Lego City which is one of the best play-with sets we’ve seen. There is so much in it that encourages story building: multiple minifigs, cargo truck, security kiosk, working crane and a massive ship. Peabody also spent some birthday cash on the Lego garbage truck set. Unfortunately this set falls into the third category: it looks great, but doesn’t function well as a toy. Blocks break off when opening and closing the rear door and storage container separates when “unloading” trash.

Election Day Eve

Before dinner, Annabel and I went through our ballots discussing the pros and cons of candidates and propositions. Nettie let us know where she stood on library expansion and animal protection. Even though I’ll just be dropping off my ballot, she’ll be coming with me to voting station tomorrow. And then we’ll be up late watching results come in.

Saturday Market

Yesterday was the first time in months that it rained and today it rained even harder. Today was also the Saturday Farmer’s Market. Peabody and I usually do not like to go to the market, but since it was raining, and because it is SO much more fun to walk in the rain, we decided to go. Our market does not soud as crazy as Nicholas’ market, from the book Nicholas in Trouble (coming soon). Of course, Nicholas’ market did not have a six foot Chicken Woman shopping.