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Duct Tape Crafting

I’ve been checking out old issues of New Moon from our library, and in the “Weird, Wacky and Random” issue there was instructions for how to make a duct tape wallet. Halfway through I kinda went off track and finished it my own way, but it ended up OK and it was really fun. Then Father and Peabody got me some colored tape and I made a small red wallet with white polka dots, a case for my DS with pockets for games, and a woven mat that I don’t know what to do with but still looks pretty cool. I plan to make many more duct tape projects!

Olympic TV Dinner

Summer is flying by. We are at home playing games, making trips to the library and watching the Games. We typically don’t watch much TV, but when the Olympics are on, we are glued to the set almost every evening. Nettie and Annabel are knitting their way through the games and Peabody keeps busy with his Legos.