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Pirate for a Day

This weekend we docked at the NorCal Pirate Festival. Imagine renaissance faire with pirates and wenches instead of knights and damsels. There were some really elaborate costumes and pirate camps. Bands played sea shanties and pirate themed rock music. There were demonstrations of nautical skills and fencing. And every few hours a red-sailed schooner fired her cannons at the crowd. The guys above hosted a scavenger hunt which we went on with some strangers.

Stepping Up

End of school week has been bittersweet for the Derringdos. Nettie is “stepping-up” to middle school and leaving the classroom and teachers she has had for the last three years. For graduation, the kids put on a short play where they took on the roles of totem creatures they selected earlier in the year. After the play, the younger classmates gave short speeches describing why the totem animals fit the student. Gifts have been given, pictures taken, and tearful hugs shared as we move into summer. We’re looking forward to a new season of adventures!

Ascending the Face

Last week, Nettie and I went camping in Yosemite with her class. The kids pulled together the gear, cooked the meals (s’mores every night), and assembled the schedule. Our group hiked up to Vernal Falls, rode horses around Mirror Lake and climbed rocks for an afternoon. Nettie climbs like a spider. In addition to the typical deer, ground squirrels and scrub jays, we spotted a coyote and bear cub. On the last night we drove up to Glacier Point to view the sunset and valley at night.