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Miss Driftwood

The beaches we visited this week were piled high with driftwood. Using found lumber, Nettie instructed us on the proper construction of a Laura Ingles log cabin. We also built sculptures including this life-sized girl.

Dam Building

While Annabel watercolored, Nettie, Peabody and built a three yard wide dam to contain a small creek that fed into the Pacific. The creek was the source of several activities including: driftwood races, rock throwing and throwing rocks at driftwood.

At Land’s End

We’re back from a couple days on the Mendocino Coast. This was our third stay at the cabins at Mar Vista between Gualala and Point Arena. Nettie and Peabody love that the owners have rabbits, goats and chickens that they can get eggs from in the afternoon. The cottages are near some great beaches including Schooner Beach (above).