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Mr. Pancake on Easter

Mr Pancake on Easter

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Along with some Legos and a lot of chocolate, the Easter Bunny brought Peabody the Klutz Book of Animation. It includes instructions for making your own stop motion animation movies and links to editing software. In Peabody’s first video, Mr. Pancake learns what happens when you eat your weight in Easter chocolate.

How Friends Saved Love the Mermaid

Peabody’s first grade class visited the Zeum in San Francisco to create claymation movies. Stories and characters were put together last week in class and animated at the museum. Peabody’s group came up with a story about friends rescuing a mermaid. It is a silent movie.

Making a minature world

We love miniatures: Legos, Playmobil, Plan City. Recently I ran across a web tool that manipulates real-life scenes to look like photographs of models. You can look at some more here or play with the tool yourself here.