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Echidna Screen Print

In art we have been learning how to do screen printing on t-shirts we brought from home. I wanted to do an animal called an echidna, which has a long nose and quills. Since I wanted the body of the echidna to be brown, but the quills black, I had to do two layers of paint. First I did just the solid brown body with a blank spot for the eye. The second layer was part of the eye filled in with black, and some quills. I hand-painted the rest of the quills. This is a really fun and easy way to make your own t-shirts!

Stepping Into Fall

Shoe cleaning.

This morning we spent some time cleaning gear. Nettie washed her six year old book bag. Peabody and I scrubbed and waterproofed our shoes. The Fall rains have started and we need a few items. Peabody has outgrown last year’s frog boots and yesterday his favorite umbrella collapsed on his head on the way back from school. We are thinking of ponchos as an option.

Feel the Felt

Feel the Felt

I’m always happy to see families wearing their vintage clothes to the flea market. We’re slowly adding to our eccentric wardrobe. Today, Nettie picked up a pair of cat eye sunglasses and I found this terrific fedora from the Champ hat company. The original price tag is still inside ($9.95) with the slogan “Feel the Felt.”